Item: 24HBQB MFR: 6024H3PI


The “Combo” air handler converts a properly sized gas or oil-fired water heater into a highly efficient space heating appliance that can heat your home as well as provide hot water. Compared to other heating systems, combo heaters offer high efficiency, greater installation flexibility, cost less to install, and are much easier to service. The HBQB Series incorporates a Multi-function Micro-processor that not only reduces the number of components but adds a number of standard system funstions that would not normally be available, such as an automatic pump timer, and blower delay, just to name a few. The HBQB air handler in th eonly product available with these high quality features! Cooling efficiencies up to 15 SEER. Heating Cycle 1. Automatic pump timer: The pump operatesfor sixty seconds every six hours in order to purge the water from the hot water coil and piping (the pump timer cycle is skipped while the compressor is operating). Note: State of MA, .248 CMR code of the state of MA requires a pump timer. (60 seconds every 6 hours) 2. Blower-on delay: On a call for heat, the hot water coil is preheated for 45 seconds before the blower energizes. 3. Blower-off delay: Blower continues to operate for 20 seconds after thermostat is satisfied, extracting more heat from the heating coil and increasing heating performance. Cooling Cycle 1. Blower-off delay: Blower continues to operate for 45 seconds after thermostat is satisfied, extracting more cooling from the cooling coil and maximizing cooling efficiency. Optional features (logic for the following options is built into the micro-processor circuitboard but each option requires an optional field installed switch. (Contact factory) 1. Freeze protection: circuit board has terminals for optional freeze protector switch. Freeze protector energizes the circulating pump if water coil temperature falls below 40 degrees. 2. Factory or field installed R22 or R410A TXV’s (non-bleed type). Additional features 1. 4-way airflow (kit required for counterflow – 60HBQB not approved for counterflow installation) 2. Built-in circulating pump, air purge valve, and easy access hot water check valve. 3. Blower door safety switch (except 60HBQB) 4. Compatible with all major brands of split condensing units and heat pumps 5. Slide out hot water coil assembly for easier service 6. Fully insulated galvanized steel cabinet 7. High efficiency copper tube/aluminum fin heating and cooling coils 8. Primary and secondary drain connections on cooling coil 9. Factory installed filter NOW EQUIPPED WITH MULTI-FUNCTION MICRO-PROCESSOR
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Weight 135.0000 Pound (lb.)
Length 20.0000 Inches (in)
Width 20.0000 Inches (in)
Height 40.0000 Inches (in)
Country of Origin USA
UPC or Barcode N/A
Hazardous Material No
EPA Cert Required No
Brand First Company
Color Gray
Equipment Type Heat Pump
Shipping Category Residential
Tier HBQ Series
Tonnage 2